Best of Amazon Prime 2016

I thought a lot of this was interesting. It’s from the Amazon Prime weekly newsletter:…

All stats are for 2016:

Prime Video

Most watched Amazon Original series: The Man in the High Castle

Most Watched Amazon Original movie: Love & Friendship

The year in Awards: we received 178 Nominations and 46 Awards:

Mozart in the Jungle: Golden Globe for Best TV Series; Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Series

The Man in the High Castle: Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series; Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design

Manchester by the Sea: Critics Choice Award winner for Best Actor, Best Young Actor/Actress, Best Original Screenplay

Prime Music

Most played song: “Hello” by Adele

Most played album: Hamilton

Most played playlist: “Top Prime Songs: Pop”

Most played artist: The Beatles

2016 Favorite Albums

A Seat at the Table, Solange
My Woman, Angel Olsen
22, A Million, Bon Iver
Malibu, Anderson Paak
Blackstar, David Bowie

Prime Delivery

More than 40 million items available for Free 2-Day Shipping in the US

Most popular via Voice Shopping with Alexa: All-new Echo Dot

Most popular Same-Day item: Fire Tablet 7-inch

Most shipped items: Amazon Basics Cables

Free Same-Day Delivery is now available in 29 major cities – up from 15 in 2015

Fastest Prime Now Deliveries:

Atlanta, GA: 6 minutes, 24 seconds
Portland, OR: 6 minutes, 46 seconds

First Prime Air delivery made to Cambridge, England

Most popular release-date free delivery: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Prime Reading

Most downloaded books: Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone; The 5 Love Languages; The Atlantis Gene; What If?; The Butterfly Garden

Most read magazine: People

Audible Channels for Prime

Most popular Prime-eligible Audiobook: No Excuses!

Most popular Audible Channel: Get Smart

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I am not yet a Prime member. Before joining I would like to know if Amazon uses USPS for the free two-day delivery. For some reasons I need to avoid USPS for delivery of bulky items. I cannot find the answer to my query from Amazon’s Help pages.


I would like to know if Amazon uses USPS for the free two-day delivery

Most of my Prime deliveries (under 30 pounds) come from USPS. Their 2-day delivery is very hit and miss. Maybe a third arrive within 2 days.

I suspect deception plays into this. Why? Recently I received a text notification that USPS had attempted delivery but no one was home.

First, this is an outright fabrication. Our home was fully occupied at the supposed time of delivery. But oddest of all is that the package, like most Prime shipments, didn’t require anyone to sign for delivery. This appears to me a blatant CYA diversion so that USPS can “meet” AMZN’s Prime delivery targets.

On AMZN’s forum there is a huge thread on this topic, so my “attempted delivery” experience is shared my many.

As an aside, the USPS routing in this area is fairly rigid. Even though AMZN runs a warehouse 20 miles from us, my shipments from that location route 150 miles out of state before arriving at my local PO. I can’t wait for drone delivery.


Maybe a third arrive within 2 days.

Interesting, because essentially 100% of my deliveries to my home (manhattan) arrive in 2 days or less

However, anything ordered to our office (also in manhattan) very rarely arrive when scheduled, but they always show as delivered within the 2 day timeframe on my order history on amazon’s website. And reception tells me that is the norm for everyone’s amazon orders to our office (showing as delivered online but not actaully attempting delivery). I’m sure whoever fulfills the deliveries for them in midtown (where my office is) must click “delivered” a day before they actually deliver so that it shows in their stats as consistently within the 2 day timeline. You would think they would get loads of complaints and fix it somehow in a high visibility location like midtown manhattan.

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