Best Way to Compile Earnings Data?

Hi everyone!

What are the best/most efficient ways to compile quarterly earnings data for your holdings?

I have been doing it through seeking alpha transcripts but you never know how accurate the transcript is and now they lock older posts. Plus, it seems pretty inefficient, recording each metric while looking back and forth.

With that said, what are some of the methods you all use? I’d be very interested because I am attempting to build a database of the past quarters of my holdings so I can really see things like seasonality and improvements over time.

Thanks so much!



I use the press releases from the investor relations section of the company’s website. Usually those are available immediately and have both GAAP and Non-GAAP numbers. Generally you’ll find good consistency from quarter to quarter but sometimes they do make changes to how they have things formatted.

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Hi Fish,

Up till now I’ve been reading the press releases and adding the most recent entires to an excel. But your question got me looking and Morningstar looks promising. Here’s a link to Nutanix on Morningstar, last 5 quarters. I’ll be exploring further.…


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Awesome stuff! I think I will start using that.

Thanks John. Much appreciated.

Being a finance guy myself, I hate “key-stroking” this stuff in every time so I was also looking for a simplified way to load it in. Have begun using for my initial analysis. Allows you to export all of the financial statements by quarter or FY along with some other metrics. Once that work is complete, I usually double check some of the numbers as I am going through the 10Q to ensure no errors. Downside with this process is the data is GAAP only so does not include restated numbers, but still easier.


Thanks Sully11. I’ve always dreaded typing in the info and have never been able to find a website I could export from easily. Much appreciated.

Thanks so much Sully.