Best wishes for a happy holiday season

I’d like to wish all of you a happy holiday season. I’d also like to commend all who have survived this horrible stock market year, and I wish you all (and ourselves) a much better investing year in 2023.

My wife and I are now well, but we had our year disrupted in mid-October by Covid, and we were both sick while taking care of each other. It is something that you don’t bounce back from the day the fever breaks. It took us weeks, and my wife is still not back to the strength she had for hiking and biking before Covid hit us.

We are now happily on vacation and the temperature here is fortunately currently about 57 F (14 C) while unfortunately much of the US is having temperatures of +10 to -50 F (-14 to -46 C). It’s hard to imagine -50 F or -46 C. We consider ourselves very fortunate even though it is currently lightly raining.:grinning:

Again, best wishes to you all.