BI: $AMZN Stolen Seller IDs, Random Returns, etc

Business Insider headline: A ‘dystopian horror story.’ Inside the thriving underground market for used Amazon seller accounts that’s causing chaos, identity theft, and distrust in the company’s massive online marketplace…

Amazon’s failure to verify the identities of many of its Marketplace sellers has allowed fraudsters to steal the information of people and businesses everywhere from Vancouver, Canada, to Pensacola, Florida. Insider spoke to six victims whose identities were used by fraudsters selling everything from bargain-bin clothing to counterfeit goods. Some said that when they reached out for help, the company did nothing.

The result is a surreal ecosystem of frustrated and bewildered people. Angry Amazon customers are buying and then returning dodgy products — and in doing so, they’re bombarding strangers like Andrew with monthslong deluges of mystery packages.