Bi-partisan Senate bill to legalize DACA participants

Major impact on the US economy going forward as business will have reasonable expectation a DACA participant can work long-term and not have the employee deported by ICE.


In what way is the border security to be bolstered?

The drugs mostly come in through the legal ports of entry. Yet that is never discussed in Congress as needing more funding.

The illegals often fly in but that is a non issue for funding.

Why is it intelligent for congress to spend more on border security? I get making up false stories attracts idiots but why?

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And, in their eagerness to blame Hispanics for all the drug ills of the country, they conveniently forget the country’s long history of organized crime, by Italians, Irish, and probably any other group you care to imagine. During prohibition, the worst gang in Detroit was “the purple gang”, which was predominately Jewish. If every Hispanic was run out of the country, other groups would step in to serve that market.



Deporting millions of illegals is not practical. A path to citizenship for those long in the US and law abiding seems reasonable. Maybe common sense.

Border security requires more resources. Border patrol (but they usually vote as Democrats) and judges to process cases faster.

Revised immigration quotas also are needed to address the many open positions.

This has been gridlocked for so long. Lets hope Congress finally gets something done.