Biden & UAW vs Tesla/Musk

Musk has up ended the controversy over Tesla being a non-union shop, by telling the UAW to “come on down and do the vote”.

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Exposing the Latest Tesla - White House - UAW Corruption / Rivian Flips / Giga Berlin Confusion ??
At about the 5:45 second mark, Dylan discusses Musk’s offer, and promotes the meme that Biden is pandering to his UAW $$upporter$.

I, too, think the $upport plays a (big?) part… but, it’s more nuanced?

Here, BestInTesla gives a “supplier” anecdote, about canceling a single engine line, about the 13:45 mark.

This is beyond the limits for legacy automakers. All they can do is watch the rise of Tesla.

At the 13:45 mark, A power train expert was tasked with taking one specialty ICE engine out of production. This was a minor engine line, for the corvette, not a “major” production vehicle. One would think that canceling a minor engine line would be simple, easy, low impact…

We have heard repeatedly (back in 2008/2010 when they were bailed out with OPM) about the amazing WEB of services, parts, suppliers, logistics, communities, etc that have developed around, and depend on the Big 3.
The number of workers and dependents far exceeds the number of UAW members.

Biden, as President, has to consider the welfare of ALL the country?
Biden has promised to retire the term “rust belt” - In his State of the Union speech.
If Biden champions EVs, which then destroy the ICE ecosystem, then he’ll carry the label of “destroyed American workers”?

The “Biden pandering to UAW” is not the whole story?



Progress has its growing pains as old industries are replaced by new, old jobs are replaced by new but do we want to remain in the pre industrial Garden of Eden? Evolution is just accelerating.

The “Biden pandering to UAW” is not the whole story?

In as much as it hurts my investment in Tesla, it is the whole story. In as much as my whole life, it is just one more difficulty to deal with and by far not the worse – mostly at the noise level.

I had the good fortune of starting my working life at IBM in the fastest growing sector of the economy and to boot it wasn’t even work, I was paid to play games, to solve puzzles, I had the time of my life. After two or three years there was a move to unionize and I was asked to join. I flat said “No” because I could write my own ticket. In Marx’s terms, I was not being exploited. Had I been an assembly line worker I probably would have joined.

The situation at Tesla is more like at IBM when I was working there than at GM which was one of my clients back then – GM was a crappy company to work at even then. After I left IBM there was an opening at GM for a Data Processing Manager. In the interview it became clear that this was no manager, just a nondescript pawn in an army. Instead I became the Assistant Data Processing Manager at Colgate-Palmolive which was not that much better than GM but my boss was brilliant. He later became my partner in the management consulting company we started.

Denny Schlesinger