Bill and the Bear

It has been called the greatest clutch, Walk-Off HR ever hit and happened way back in 1960.

Back then it was the Pirates and the Yankees in the World Series. The series was tied with each team owning 3 wins. Game Seven was on tap.

The Pirates led almost the entire game but the Yankees had come back to tie things up in the top of the 8th inning. It looked like the game would go into extra innings as Bill Mazoroski came up to bat: there were two out.

A Walk-Off Home Run occurs when the home team homers to take the lead in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Here is the greatest Walk-Off of all time:…

Walk-Off Home Runs are rare, much less in the 7th game to win a World Series. And thats why Mazeroski’s HR is famous to this day. Now…you may be asking yourself, what in the world a HR way back in 1960 has to do with investing. Well…thats simple.

Just as Bill’s HR ended the Yankees in the 1960 series - so too, the Bull’s battered the Bear Market so decisively yesterday that perhaps a line in the sand has been drawn. Perhaps the Bear Market, if not finished, is on its last legs. Even if the Bear is not finished, have the Bulls drawn a line in the sand at about the Nasdaq 11.2K level that the BEARS shall not pass? Could be - who knows? Personally I believe that the major damage is largely over, that yesterday was an example of a Bull Walk-Off Home Run and that there will still be back and forth daily skirmishes.

Here is how the Portfolio Performed yesterday:

BILL +18.55%

GTLB +17.67

NET. +17.01

MDB. +16.44

SNOW +12.63

S… +11.80

CRWD +11.78

ZS… +11.33

DDOG +10.14

MELI +9.96

Even at this - it will take a while to climb back to the Portfolio’s peak. But - the primary reason I think we saw a Walk-Off HR yesterday was for two distinct reasons: 1) In prior rallies the Bull run has faded as the day went on and then reversed into significant losses - That didn’t happen yesterday; Secondly the rally was wide spread and inclusive with:

AI up 22.1%

APPS +14.65%

CFLT +11.6

DOCU +13.36

FVRR +11.49

HOOD +24.88

LSPD +32.16

MGNI +13.50

MNDY +10.66

NCNO +17.78

SE… +22.70%

Those are just a few, but the point is, we smarty pants, high growth stock pickers weren’t anything special yesterday - the pop was throughout the companies we like. With he only question now being - can we hold and build on that Walk-Off HR from Friday?

We’ll see Monday. If we give it all back then perhaps rather than a Walk-Off HR we just had a deep, deep fly to center that Say Hey Willie corralled with a leaping catch against the wall: thrilling - but only a nice play in a longer game.

All The Best,

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