Blackberry - time to check in on the turnaround

I got to the end of this article and thought that it was one of the best written analysis of a company situation that I have read for a long time - I mean really beautiful and it was only when I started reading the comments that I realised it was by Bert! I should have known.…

For anyone who wants to take time out for a nostalgic moment to reminisce about a one time game-changing tech titan and the chance to catch up on the turn around and how it looks now; it is well worth the read.

It hasn’t quite rekindled enough growth momentum (>20% YoY) to make it an out and out Saul method stock but its performance all things considered is remarkable, and it might yet become a full blown growth stock again - it’s getting into some awesome spaces (IoT, Security, Autonomous Driving etc).

Chen should be given some sort of medal! (So should Bert actually).