BLK Falling knife?

I am curious if there has been a recent look at the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock. It is falling like a rock lately, but I don’t see the news that might be spurring the sell off. At over a 3% yield and down over 40% from it’s high, is this attracting interest from anyone here?

Yes, it’s attracted my attention. But I’m not yet willing to believe that I’m right and the market is wrong in view of the rapidly changing interest-rate situation. So I’ll wait until the stock has plausibly begun a sustainable ascent.


If stock prices goes down, won’t AUM go down?

Also, they have $2.6 Trillion fixed income portfolio. Now, we all know fixed income is going through lots of trouble. How it impacts needs to be seen. On the other hand, this could be a few quarter issue and eventually the AUM continues to grow, after all all these debt is not going to be retired but refinanced at higher rates.

Long-term it is a secular growth, however small that growth may be, just buying it at appropriate valuation is the key.

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There has been some discussion of all of the big asset managers going on sale recently.…

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In addition to the stock market declining Ann’s the loss of AUM, people are cashing out of stocks and bonds causing further declines,. How much their assets have declined is the question. Could it be down 25%. For sure. 40%? Maybe.

I looked a bit more and realized they AUM loss is few quarters and then they will again go back to growth mode.

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