BOFI: A new look and reassessment

Oops meant this to be a reply to Modified buy and hold

I too have been sort of following BOFI just out of curiosity. This is very rare for me, generally when I sell out a position, I don’t continue to pay attention to the company - it’s a time management thing (something I do badly to begin with), there’s so much time I’ve got to invest in investing. I can’t keep following every closed position.

But one of the main reasons I got of BOFI was CEO Garrabrants. My impression of this guy is that he’s out of control. IMO, he represents the biggest risk of a BOFI investment. That cowboy is still riding high, shooting from the lip and running the risk of bending a few regulations beyond the breaking point. Not just banking reg’s, but a host of EEO reg’s, and likely a bunch of others as well.

Still watching from the sidelines. No BOFI position.