CMFMikenpdx: I just read through the whole thing, and I didn’t see one time where Mr. Ball explicitly refuted any of Erhart’s claims.

One example (among several):

Ball states that he disagrees with Erhart’s allegation that Tolla “Materially Altered Bank Secrecy Act QC Findings”.

“On one or more occasions, Mr. Tolla added his own suggestions and edits to the Bank Secrecy Act Quality Control Report. The area of checking on compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act fell directly under Mr. Tolla’s authority. Mr. Tolla did not make any substantive changes to this quality control report, and I do not recall that any of his edits were material. I reviewed all of Mr. Tolla’s edits, and I agreed with and signed the final version of that Bank Secrecy Act Quality Control Report.”