Brief Info about AEYE's Partners

Brief info about their partners taken from their websites.

All of them look like distributors/middleman except for The Axia Group, which is an insurance company. Maybe it s a middleman for the insurance companies.

I thought distributors buy from producers/manufacturers and then sell to the customers with a markup. They do not charge producers/manufacturers additional fees for representing them. But that’s my layman’s knowledge and most likely is wrong.

I am willing to assume this is a legit company. At this early stage, it is just trying to get some traction in the market with some non-conventional partner arrangement. I will hold all the shares and see what happens.

One positive I can find is that they partner with entities like ImmixGroup, an experienced middleman between technology companies and government agencies. It is a lot easy and efficient for ImmixGroup to talk to those agencies than AEYE does it itself. When AEYE said it was engaging with more than 50% of all federal government agencies, I was doubtful considering the small team it has. Now I know it is through ImmixGroup.


immixGroup is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, close to Washington, DC and near the epicenter of the government IT community.
immixGroup helps technology companies do business with the government. Our services enable IT vendors and solution providers
to grow their public sector business while providing government agencies with reliable access to commercial technologies through
their preferred contract vehicles and business partners.

Government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels trust immixGroup to provide them with leading technology products
through their preferred contract vehicles and business partners. immixGroup has developed a reputation as a reliable, trusted
contractor based upon its proven track record of success, ISO 9001:2008-certified business processes, and extensive knowledge of
the government procurement process.

The Axia Group

The Axia Group - it offers personal and commercial servies. Looks like they represent a number of insurance companies

Red River

Red River Corporate VideoDiscover the Red River difference with this short video describing our capabilities, partnerships and culture – View now.
Red River is different. We have years of experience serving customers in the civilian, military, intelligence and healthcare markets. And we’ve built a tremendous reputation among them for our superior expertise and personal touch. Our goal is to make IT personal. We understand your mission and offer the capabilities and Information Technology required to solve your critical data center, network infrastructure and mobility challenges.

K3 is a turn-key, full solutions partner for selected businesses that desire a strategic growth plan to accelerate sales, enter new markets, and ultimately affect a higher multiple of their valuation. Fundamentally, K3’s model is meant to leverage a company’s strengths while addressing their limitations when seeking a different approach to the front end of their business. K3 offers a host of services including market knowledge, capital resources, marketing capabilities, channel partner development, and acquisition targets; all which are necessary components for an effective growth strategy.


Our Vision: To Provide Enterprise Transformational Services by Anticipating and Adapting to a Changing World.
Our Mission: To Deliver Measurable and Value Added Technology, Engineering, Advisory, and Support Services that Transform Governments and Commercial Organizations.