Brief Note on Philosophy

Found this in a MF SuperNova post

In my view, part of what makes our particular brand of investing successful in Supernova is our ability to focus on the few things that really matter with each of our investments. We don’t make it a priority to know each and every minute factor of a company’s financials. We don’t obsess about what may drive the company’s next set of quarterly results. And believe me when I say we have no interest in creating voluminous spreadsheets using hundreds of inputs in a vain attempt to determine what a company’s valuation might (or should) be today.

I thought it really corresponds with what I do. I look for companies that are growing fast, have recurring income, insider ownership, some kind of moat, reasonable PE, etc, and hope to find most of them in stocks I’m investing in. I don’t try to learn all the financials. Then, like with SYNA, CELG, BOFI, UBNT, etc, hopefully I sit back and let them grow (but keep an eye on them).


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