British Cabinet Meeting on Zoom

The BBC reports that this week the British government had its Cabinet Meeting on Zoom. Talking about mind share!!! Just my opinion, but I think that anyone selling Zoom over questions of “valuation” just isn’t paying attention.


On a related but different note:

In the city where I live, I know of a day care that is piloting a “virtual day care” model. Since most kids and parents are at home, the day care is using Zoom to do a video call with the kids and telling stories/doing coloring exercises.

Talk about new use cases !

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Last night turned on TV and The Tonight Show was being run from Jimmy Fallon’s and various guest’s “shelter in places”.

At one point Jimmy and Alex Baldwin where talking and they mentioned how good Zoom was and “dang, we missed out on buying that stock when it was low”.

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For something I thought I’d never hear:
I have a friend whose sister got married on Zoom. Looks like she’s not alone either.…

I’m also listening to a financial webcast hosted on Zoom, it was suggested that Zoom could take a piece of the entertainment market, in an educational direction, much like they’re doing.

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