BRK vs S&P Jan 2024

When musk tweets a video like this, he is going to war with team Biden, not a brilliant move.

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What a load of BS. Musk doesn’t mention that Trump got the bipartisan border bill killed. Sheesh.

Illegal immigration is indeed becoming a huge problem in sanctuary cities.

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Neuralink helping quadriplegic man


Even long-term bulls are getting negative and very critical. Dan Ives calling this quarter unmitigated disaster, if you look for “train wreck” in dictionary you will find Tesla… yada, yada…

I know you are looking at 2030… still…

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I am waiting patiently for share price to dip below $140.

As I said, the business and share price are diverging. It takes a few years for business progress to show up in the numbers.

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I sold some 150 puts today. If I get assigned, I will be buying those shares just a bit above 140.

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Tesla is in blackout period and they are releasing this news now for what? Elon is propping up the share price.

I notice the announcement doesn’t mention the year. :slight_smile:

Interesting observation

Regarding this thread’s subject of BRK vs. S&P one should read what Jim says about those comparisons on the other board:

Btw: Divi used exactly that stretch of heavy underperformance to start his rants against Berkshire.

Post your own data to make your case.

I am not interested to “make my case”. Read it and draw your own conclusions - or don’t.


So you realized if you post the actual data it may not support the BS articulated there. OK.

The data Said2 posted stands on its own. Why would more data be required? Sheesh.

Posting a link to an opinion piece means nothing. Post the data. Try posting Berkshire’s 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years and we can talk.

Well, he’s finally admitted he’s hurt X with his erratic management. I wonder if he realizes that might also apply to Tesla?


X’s pivot from “censorship” to “free speech” under Musk has riled many and they have taken a big hit on Ad revenue. Both Linda and Elon has said this multiple times including the current tiff with the Brazilian government. They are unwilling to compromise on principles.

In my opinion X is significantly better off under Musk long term. The app is thriving and all relevant metrics are positive.

Watch for the X IPO in 2028 (when it is an everything app).

Though Elon Musk often insists his goal with X is to promote free speech, his actions have rarely been those of the “free-speech absolutist” he once claimed to be. Yes, he has rolled back the social platform’s policies on hate speech, cut back on content moderation and reinstated banned extremists under the free-speech banner. But he has also made up rules to ban accounts he doesn’t like, suspended journalists and sued nonprofit advocacy groups in what one judge ruled was a bid to silence critics.

Yeah, free speech. As long as you don’t disagree with him or belong to a class he doesn’t like. The sort of free speech Joe Stalin liked, apparently.