Buy AMBA before March 6

Subject: Buy AMBA before March 6
Be sure to read the Seeking Alpha article by Marko Realmonte which he posted today, Feb. 18th.

It is an excellent summation of the extremely bullish case for AMBA.

“Ambarella’s (AMBA) shares are poised to launch skyward as the company prepares an optimistic outlook regarding its earnings report due after the closing bell on March 6. Interest in the chip manufacturer has been heightened due to recent news regarding a partnership to produce a wearable “pendant” camera for Google (GOOG), and the announcement on Feb. 7 that the fastest growing camera company, GoPro, plans to file with the SEC for a confidential IPO.”

I agree with his thesis that this totally debt free company will rocket higher over the near and long term until likely being bought out by Google.