Calculating Portfolio Returns

Really hoping this is not consided OT, I am newbie and need your help.

As part of my investments i have 3 portfolios. All basically started in 2019. The reason for it being 3 different portfolios is they are different tax free programs that could not be combined. These portfolios contain stocks discussed here. say SQ, MDB, BZUN and some ZS In one portfoio and all the rest in the other portfolios.
Rate of return for these portfolios are calculated by my broker.
For the total rate of return on.investment should i just add the numbers from portfolios or how should i calculate? TIA for your help.

Sorry, as i mentioned earlier newbie here trying to learn.


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Hi Bella

It certainly is OT. However, you can find information on how to calculate return in the knowledge base (links in sidebar on individual posts).

And if anyone would like to help Bella out please respond in a private message and not on the board.

Thank you all for your cooperation :slight_smile:

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Your post is OT as clearly stated in Saul’s Monday Morning Rules of the Board listed in my monthly guidelines for newcomers and those who flaunt the rules.

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If you are a newbie to investing, Investing for Novices may be helpful,

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