CAMP up 21% - upgraded by Macquarie

Hi all,

So the market liked what they saw in CAMP’s earnings release and conference call. In an overall down day, CAMP was up 21%! This is a pair podition with SWIR for me in the Internet of Things area and I do think CAMP’s shares are reasonably priced, even after the 21% pop.

Going by the recs received by my CAMP Q2 post, I think most here have passed up on CAMP. Have another look:

The CAT opportunity is significant and CAT sort of validates the market opportunity. The usage based insurance is another driver, which can be really big. Of course, if investing on CAMP remember that:

  1. this is a small cap so it will be volatile
  2. right now the upside is CAT in Q3 & Q4
  3. size your position according to your risk appetite and investing horizon. This one requires a 3-5 year window and a fair bit of watching of the business progress