Canadian deaths

At the end of November Statistics Canada put out data on deaths in 2022. While noting that life expectancy declined for the third year in a row, they say that cancer and heart disease remain the top two causes of deaths (no surprise). Covid deaths increased to take third place. What is surprising is the fourth highest category, “ill defined and unspecified causes of mortality” which has increased greatly since 2019.

What is confusing Canadian doctors?

            2019   2020   2021   2022
Cancer       80K    81K    83K    84K
Heart        53     54     55     57
Covid        --     16     14     20
Ill-defined   3      7      9     16


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Should we be afraid of this new unexpected menace which is real? Or is this just another gratuitous boogeyman tossed out there that really doesn’t exist or has always been there but we just decided to start reporting it as “a thing”?

What menace (other than declining life expectancy)?

Not a boogeyman, more of a puzzler. What has changed so that the fourth leading cause of death in the country is ‘unknown’? A change in reporting standards? More co-morbidities?