canonian's Discord server

Just flagging y’all that he has a “health” board on his server. I know this board isn’t going away now (since they moved it to “personal finances”), but maybe folks would want to go there anyway. Right now THIS is the “health board”, even though it’s supposed to be about caring for parents.

So far a bunch of familiar monikers have shown up there. FWIW.

Could you post the link for? It’s not here, and I don’t recall where I had seen it.



This is the one he posted on the photography board.

I found that I had to create a login first. Then when I clicked the link it just “added” his server to my account, and I had access.


Although I am an active Discord participant in other aspects of my life, I ended up deciding I prefer this format for the conversations I participate in here. Discord is awesome for coordinating a project or game together. It’s also great for short conversational discussions. It’s not set up for longer-form thinking and story telling. I also see the potential for a repeat of the political flame wars, or possibly just that all the folks or one stripe or another will end up there. So… though I will miss some of the boards here, I will stay here and see what turns up as things go forward. If it all falls apart, that’s okay too.

ThyPeace, now, where were we in people’s various life issues?

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