Capitulation? Stocks for virus season

Capitulation is, of course, off topic for this board but not for NPI. Since my reply to Fool rainphakir also talks a lot about some Saul stocks, the stocks for virus season, I think it might be of interest.…

Denny Schlesinger


I like Denny’s link to another board. Linking gives people a chance to mention OT posts without starting up an OT conversation here. Unless it becomes so common as to be annoying, I think linking is the way to go. Might even get some other boards going so people have other places to go when they want to discuss something other than growth stocks. I might even show up on some, myself. My favorite is the portfolio management board. Seems like the right place for a lot of OT discussions, and there’s not too much fluff to wade through (currently there’s not much of anything):…

I will say that part of Denny’s post on the other board could have been on topic for our board. He listed 5 growth companies that could thrive in the current remote-work environment. I thought all were good calls though I don’t own much of the group (just a bit of ZM):

Symbol Company                                 Date      High Down %
EVBG   Everbridge, Inc.                  03-02-2020    111.86    3.9 <- long
ZM     Zoom Video Communications, Inc.   03-05-2020    125.00   13.7 <- long
TDOC   Teladoc Health, Inc.              03-10-2020    146.07   20.1 <- long
DOCU   DocuSign Inc.                     02-19-2020     91.49   21.0
TEAM   Atlassian Corporation Plc.        02-14-2020    154.42   21.9 <- long

Thanks, Denny.



Thanks, Bear!

I thought all were good calls …

While I put them on the list, it was the market that moved them to the top of the list. The list is sorted by percent down from all time high. Louis Navellier uses a system he calls “What is Working on Wall Street Now?” The market is The Wisdom of Crowds if you know how to read it.

Denny Schlesinger

“I like Denny’s link to another board. Linking gives people a chance to mention OT posts without starting up an OT conversation here.”

By no means am I advocating for an OT Thread for the Saul’s Investment Discussions board; but why would you not just simply title just one of the countless threads on this board as Off Topic. Under this scenario, every single “OT” discussion, response or link would take place on one singular running thread on this board.

Under that scenario, every “OT” link or “OT” topic or “OT” response would be in one and only one thread. This would eliminate what I see as a growing trend of many board posts that start with the typical opening line of: “This may be OT, however,…” Or end with the closing line of: “I understand my topic is OT so please do not respond…”

Just say’n,