Cashing in your chips

An Australian gambler tried to deposit some cash that he has won (below $10,000 threshold for suspicious activity) and had his accounts frozen:

We have had one main bank account for years and we’ve just opened another account at a totally unconnected bank and transferred funds there - just in case.

Interesting read:

I don’t trust either the government or banks with my cash - and a CBDC is coming!

I’m still buying precious metals :slight_smile:


How unfortunate to live your life in fear of something which will probably never happen in your lifetime.


I had my funds frozen once about 10 years ago. Moved 30,000 from Schwab into Bank of America to buy a truck and before I did it I asked the Bank if I would be able to access it right away. They said yes and when I went in to get the cash they told me my account was frozen. Exactly what I tried to keep from happening. Luckily the bank Manager was able to unfreeze my account. But now I have heard they have that all fixed. But who knows until you try again.



My experience was at the other end of the spectrum. I keep some money in a bank savings account, in case of things like the a/c at home deciding it had done enough work and retiring. So, a few thousand sat. After a couple years of inactivity in the savings account, but plenty of activity in my checking account at the same bank, the bank froze the savings account. The only way to unfreeze the account was to generate some activity. I could not use an ATM to generate the activity. I was required to use a human teller to generate the activity. The bank charged a service fee to use a human teller. So, I had to pay $5, to use a teller, to transfer money from my very active checking account, to the linked savings account, to release the freeze the bank had put on the savings account.

Don’t you just love the “JC” mindset?



I don’t live a life of fear, far from it :slight_smile:

If you are quite happy trusting the government and banking mafia then that’s fine by me.

Agustin Carstens is the general manager of The Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The BIS is a secretive bank in Switzerland, often called The Central Bankers’ central bank. All the heads of the world’s central banks meet there every two months for 'off the record" discussions. Here Carstens is talking about not knowing who is spending a $100 note and ‘absolute control’ with the introduction of a CBDC:

What’s it got to do with Carstens where I spend my $100 bill?

I’m sure that Stalin, Hitler and Putin would all approve of a CBDC!

Didn’t they approve of Gold and Silver?



I’m sure that they did. However, they would absolutely love a CBDC for what Carstens describes as “absolute control”.

BTW, what has it to do with Carstens, an unelected banker in Switzerland, what I spend my cash on?

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Divitias do you really think he does? Do you think he even knows your name?


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You’re assuming he cares about you. Much more likely he cares about nefarious and illegal uses of money by people like organized crime, rogue nations, etc.

He’s just said as much

He never mentioned this, and if you think a CBDC will stop or hinder crime then think again.

Thankfully there are a few who see the danger:

“The Biden administration’s efforts to inject a Centralized Bank Digital Currency is about surveillance and control,” said DeSantis in a press release when the bill was first introduced.

I don’t know if he will manage it. I suspect we in the UK will just go along with it as few here see the dangers.

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He also never mentioned you. :D. And trusting DeSantis, the guy who thinks being a slave had benefits, is mind boggling.


I just came across this gem:

Crypto doesn’t make for trusted money: BIS Chief Says

Pot calling the kettle black :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work that way. It is amusing that he thinks it does. But what is even more amusing, is some people believe, that he can.


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Absolute control:

Decide that you are spending too much on, say, alcohol.

Withdraw your taxes when they feel like it.

Redistribute wealth if they feel that you have too much money.

Insist that you must spend your pay within a certain time or lose it.

Or they could just close your bank account if you did something that they didn’t like – but they wouldn’t do that would they:

You have been warned

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Since the Constitution specifically gives Congress the sole power to regulate money, I’m going to say his chances are 0.000%.


I suspected that might be the case.

Banks wont take cash? Getting the camel through the eye of a needle will happen sooner.

Meaning casino .org is not my go to for the news.

Dear God, I have to go through that with TD Bank for a lousy $300 money market account. a.) they started charging $12 a month for it b) unless I "maintain it in good faith which c) requires our update in the bank branch only.

Screw banks, use a credit union.