CBM (Why is it down?)

Often there is something puzzling about a company. To be able to discuss it with other investors or interested parties is invaluable. No question I have learned a lot from the boards over the years. Why is CBM down today? (For example!)

Hi Streina, CBM was at $46.75 about 4 weeks ago. Then it started rising steadily, for no reason that I’m aware of, hitting a high close of $52.90 about a week ago. Then it started falling (with the market) and finished yesterday at $48.20. I don’t know why it went up, or why it went down. That’s life in the stock market.


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I just put the chart up for 1 month against a few comparables and in fact it has broadly just tracked them.

I had thought perhaps it was getting the smallcap treatment from a jittery market.