CBS: Reporter Visits Russian Torture Rooms

This is a look at an alleged torture chamber, where Russian soldiers took out their jollies on Ukrainian citizens & soldiers. CBS reporter Deborah Patta visits what used to be the town’s police station before the Russian’s arrived and set up torture chambers in the basement where soundproofing was already in place for the firing range of old. She interviews a former prisoner who was tortured with electricity:

CBS headline: CBS News goes inside a Ukraine police station allegedly used as a torture chamber by Russian forces
SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 / 9:34 AM / CBS NEWS…

Patta was led through rooms that Ukrainian locals and police say were used as torture chambers. Russian soldiers slept there, ate there, and meted out the terror used to keep civilians and captured Ukrainian fighters under control.

The walls of the police station’s dark, damp basement were lined with egg cartons, as it had previously been used as an underground shooting range. It was already soundproofed. That meant the screams would be muffled.

Scattered all around the basement, Patta saw things left behind by the occupying forces. Many looked innocuous — a coat-hanger, old electrical devices, masks and other household items — but police have taken testimony from victims who say they were all wielded as implements of torture.

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