CELSIUS CEO John Fieldly was named ‘Person of the Year’ in the BevNET Best of 2023 Awards

Person of the Year

Reserved for individuals whose work throughout the year has created lasting, substantial, positive change through innovation and high quality.

John Fieldly, CEO, Celsius

John Fieldly, CEO, Celsius

In the year-plus since, Celsius has proven to be a partner worthy of the $550 million that PepsiCo invested in the brand, and the person at the center of that transition has been Fieldly, whose leadership has been steady, reliable, and consistent, focused on scaling with his partners as opposed to in spite of them. The brand has soared to an expected $1.15 billion in revenue this year – triple what it was two years ago and an incredible 10 times what it reported in 2020.

For bringing Celsius to a rapid boil – without getting anyone hot under the collar – Fieldly is an easy choice as BevNET’s Person of the Year for 2023.

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