Centene (CNC)

I believe CNC was a holding here once. Here are snippets from an IBD article. FYI, it just moved into IBD’s sector leader list.


Centene, a managed health care insurer that focuses on government programs for the poor, including Medicaid, State Children’s Health Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. It has more than 11 million members in 24 states… nation’s largest Medicaid managed care…recently purchased Health Net…

The stock has formed a base that has corrected 43%. That’s usually too much, but the base has been forming for more than a year, so it looks more normally proportioned. As a cup base, it has an 83.10 buy point, but it might be best if the stock advances a bit more, tightens up and possibly form a handle.

Centene is the No. 1 ranked company by Composite Rating out of 12 in the managed care industry group, which is ranked a mediocre No. 81 out of 197 groups.

The company has a five-year annualized EPS growth rate of 26%.

Composite Rating 95 Pass
EPS Rating …97 Pass
RS Rating …80 Pass
Group RS Rating .B Pass
SMR Rating …B Pass
Acc/Dis Rating… B- Pass

but 0 quarters of accelerating earnings. And its group is 89 if 197, which is weak. But other than that, looks good.