CES news, incl SWKS CEO intvw on youtube

Here’s a nice youtube interview with Skyworks’ CEO David Aldrich from CES today (shares some points that were made in the article shared earlier today): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAP9naYcnY0#t=82

I value leadership a lot, and so far I like Aldrich’s style and vision for the company.

Here’s a “day 2” CES recap by tmf Supernova’s own Matt Argersinger, Brendan Matthews and David Kretzman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwpI7f6WpIo

For stock advisors, here’s the link to these interviews and tmf’s CES blog, which includes reactions to tech at CES, including Skechers’ “shoe game”, virtual reality tech, hi-tech cars (including Faraday’s batmobile), netflix, 3D printing etc.: http://newsletters.fool.com/18/coverage/updates/2016/01/05/g…

(btw, I’m not a tmf shill or supernova subscriber), just a long-term learner here. I’m careful about which tmf people I follow, as they have very differing investing results
judging by CAPS scores and newsletter results, and the 3 guys in these videos are 3 of tmf’s top analysts (which I believe is why they were moved to Supernova).