Cfee2000 2020 Year-end Portfolio

Thank you Saul. Thank you Saul’s Investing Discussions. Thank you contributors. Thank you moderators. Others have said it eloquently in many different ways, but it really is almost beyond words. This board is priceless. This board is wisdom. This board is passion. This board is dedication. This board is selfless. This board is precious. This board is a one-of-a-kind gift that keeps on giving.

I am just one small spec of a person benefiting from this collective, only recently with the courage and drive to contribute, to try to give back to a community of contributors who have given so much of their time and knowledge for the benefit of others. There are thousands of people out there that are gaining a free financial literacy education, as I have, for years, and you/we may or may not ever hear from them, but know they are out there and likely very grateful in their own way for the influence this board has had on their education and empowerment.

Here’s my brief notes on 2020, including my current allocations, and what I’m looking at for 2021.

        2020 YTD Performance  
  Jan   +18%                  
  Feb   +10%                  
  Mar   -1%                   
  Apr   +19%                  
  May   +52%                  
  Jun   +83%                  
  Jul   +114%                 
  Aug   +130%                 
  Sep   +158%                 
  Oct   +160%                 
  Nov   +192%                 
  Dec   +222% 

                As of 1/5/2020  
  CRWD          25.01%          
  TWLO          21.14%          
  PTON          14.46%          
  ZM            8.95%           
  TDOC          7.73%           
  DDOG          7.33%           
  DOCU          5.17%           
  TWST          4.42%           
  NET           3.39%           
  DKNG          0.55%  

Why CRWD? In the decades to come, there will be 2 types of warfare - information and cyber. CRWD is best positioned to lead the fight against the latter. By every measurable metric I have documented, their results have been consistently great and no reason to believe it won’t be even greater in 2021
Why TWLO? Customer engagement as a service for B2B. Helps customers meet their end-users on channel of choice. SMS, Voice, Email, Video, IoT, OTT Channels, Contact Center (Flex), Customer Data (Segment). Is there an API for that? Yup, it’s Twilio. Developers are the future, and Twilio is the ultimate enabler of Developers. Limitless verticals. Limitless potential. Consistent performance at scale.
Why PTON? No, its not the Bikes/Treads - its the future of digital fitness. Brand awareness, influence, panache. Brilliant Marketing execution.
Why ZM? Work-from-anywhere is here to stay, regardless of vaccine - Zoom is now a verb globally. Catch phrase. It will forever be “zooming” now. There’s no turning back.
Why TDOC? Future of digital healthcare. Anything you don’t need to see a doctor in-person for, they will find a way to own that space, make it convenient for both doctors and patients.
Why DDOG? Cloud applications are the present and future. Availability of those applications is paramount. Observing those applications is, by derivative, paramount to ensure availability. Datadog owns this market and it’s just getting started.
Why DOCU? Physical documents are laborious. Digital documents are easy. So many examples of wasted time with physical signings it’s hard to even count them. Digital is on your time, your terms, click here, sign here, done.
Why TWST? My first ever purchase outside a mutual fund was the ARKG ETF in June 2018. I’ve taken flyers on Cathy Wood stocks and done well with most of them, especially Invitae. Genomics is not a topic I’m an expert in, but in the brief research I did on DNA Synthesis, Twist Bioscience seemed like a good bet, and it has been thus far (though with Ark Invest’s inflows this year, pretty much any of their stocks is a winner).
Why NET? Edge computing in a global economy. Delivering digital services globally, at scale, and securely, is a must for pretty much any technology company, and the opportunity in the next decade is enormous. Cloudflare has seemingly separated from the competition (Fastly) this year, and no reason to believe they won’t dominate in 2021.
Why DKNG? Michael Jordan endorsement :slight_smile: Seriously, that’s it. Just a flyer at 0.55% position. I’ll probably put this money to use elsewhere.

What am I considering doing early in 2021?

  1. Rebuilding my Zoom position
  2. Doubling down on Teledoc
  3. Doubling down on Docusign
  4. Finding a “reopening trade” that’s a growth stock that I wouldn’t plan to sell. Airbnb is on my radar.
  5. Watching Bitcoin and Coinbase



Impressive and wishing you all the best for 2021.