Charlie: On Managing Emotions

“…one of the most important thing I am trying to learn is to remove the emotional quotient…If I had learnt that single thing in 2021-2022, I would have been in a much better shape financially.”


The gods gave humans their emotions for very good reasons. They help us to survive dangers. Nor should those emotions be surpressed or ignored. What does get us humans into trouble is letting those emotions make our decisions, rather than being just valuable warning signs.

I have no idea where you live. But if there’s a Buddhist center nearby, start hanging out there. Or just read some of the better intros. Markets are a zendo. Once you understand that metaphor, the rest makes sense, that, and proper position-sizing (which is a post for another time. ROTFL).

Alternatively, if you’re a rock climber, or know someone who is, that can be a good training ground for investing/trading as well. It’s all about risk-management, about learning to be self-aware about what might be a good route up a face, and what is better backed off from and where, when, and how to set protection.


Try The Empty Mirror, or A Glimpse of Nothingness or Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.