Chevy Bolt wins

" some potential buyers of Tesla’s long-delayed Model 3 sedan are concerned they will miss out on big federal tax breaks and are looking for alternatives like the Bolt. GM sold 23,297 Bolts in 2017.

Tesla has told some holders of Model 3 reservations that they would not get their cars until 2019. Frustrated Tesla buyers, afraid that waiting could cost them a $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit, have factored into brisk demand for Bolts, according to GM dealers in California, the top U.S. market for electric vehicles "…

Tesla needs to get their M3 production up and running . And they will.

But quality must be the top priority . Delivering cars that do not meet high standards of quality would do much much greater damage to Tesla than being late .

I recently listened to one of the founders of ANET speaking to this exact issue . In spite of the need to meet delivery deadlines , he firmly makes it plain that they will never sacrifice quality . I’m pretty sure Elon Musk thinks so too.

Rebates will eventually go away , but customers will still buy electric car with no rebate , in the same way that people buy ICE cars with no rebate . The attraction will not be rebates , it will be the desire to own a quality BEV .

I want my M3 :slight_smile:

I will trade in my 2014 VW Tiguan and buy the M3 with or without rebates .I’m looking forward to not having to go to Gas Stations . And waking up in the morning to Software updates . And driving a fast , cool , Model 3 electric vehicle that handles well on the road and is fun to drive .

Long Tesla ,


Sorry , I sent this to the wrong board :slight_smile:


And you don’t want to wake up in the morning to software updates. :slight_smile:

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I look forward to software updates. Usually cool new things rather than fixes. The last one gave us a exit seat option. Installed and set up in no time. I use it all the time.

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