Chinese business through western eyes

Tim Murray is a westerner (an Australian) with a long career spent working in China.

He has some pretty strident, even outspoken, views on business and economics in China. Easily dismissed, were it not for his experience starting and operating businesses in China.

He has some pretty cutting things to say about Alibaba and Tencent, calling them “frauds for sure”.

His macroeconomic calls about the Chinese economy paint a pretty gloomy picture.

His anecdote about how his publishing company got controversial articles past their censors is hilarious.

Read all about it here:…

In case the above link gives a locked article, you can still get to read it by doing a Google search on the title, and clicking through on the resultant link.



That’s a very good article, and coincides with my experience in investing in Chinese companies. And that’s why I’ve said I’ll never invest in a Chinese company no matter how great the “story”. And that’s on top of the political risk.