Chromeloader malware

From Macintouch:

ChromeLoader – the malware that exploded onto the scene this year by hijacking browsers to redirect users to pages of ads – is apparently evolving into a more significant threat by deploying malicious payloads that go beyond malvertising. Variants of the software nasty have been seen dropping ransomware on Windows PCs and Macs, according to researchers at VMware’s Carbon Black Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team. The unit’s report this week about the rapidly growing number of more dangerous ChromeLoader variants dovetails with what other cybersecurity researchers have detected.

…The miscreants behind it are also slinging DMG files to target Mac users.

Be careful what you click. The original article is at… , with a link to the VMware security blog at….



thanks for the heads up.

“As you can tell from the name, ChromeLoader targets Google’s browser.”

does this mean safari, firefox, etc. are not at risk?