Chronicle - Google's Cybersecurity startup


"Gillett said Chronicle will provide “planet-scale” security analytics, combining Google’s existing artificial intelligence, machine learning, infrastructure and “near limitless compute” capabilities.

That sounds a little like the monitoring and intelligence services offered by security giants like Symantec – where Gillett was chief operating officer from 2011 to 2015 – FireEye or McAfee. But Gillett said Chronicle’s vision is bigger and meant to augment, not replace, other security offerings already in the marketplace.

Despite still existing in a pseudo-stealth mode, there are several clues on what Chronicle’s products will look like, including past X projects, some of the companies that have moved under Chronicle and what it hopes to accomplish.

First, the product will undoubtedly cover a wide swatch of the cybersecurity sector. Alphabet’s Other Bets are expected to deliver a product “ten times the impact” than what already exists."…