Closing board unbelievable

It is unbelievable to me that the Motley Fool would close many of their message boards. I would read many of their non-financial boards, but also many of their stock boards. I would come to their website for many non-financial boards, but then found many financial articles helpful. What are they thinking? Somebody must have decided to take many of their loyal customers and remove the traffic from the Fool website. When 100% of all websites want MORE traffic and MORE loyal customers, clicking on their websites everyday, the powers that be at the Fool have decided that they wants LESS customers, and LESS traffic to their website. Yes! Let’s LIMIT our customers! Let’s have FEWER customers! Let’s have a website where nobody has any reason to use it. Hmmmm…

Makes perfect sense… right??..



Hi Footsox,

Sorry that you are disappointed.

All of the financial oriented boards should still be there, including things like tax planning that is state specific. There has been a little reorganization.

We are trying to focus on the areas where we have expertise, that is anything to do with money management and investing.