Cloud Index gains recognition

For the last five years Bessemer Venture Partners – one of the oldest venture capital firms – has
been informally publishing an index of Cloud stocks. Now Bessemer has partnered with NASDAQ to
make the index ‘official’. The new index has a symbol of EMCLOUD. Note: you’ll find many of the
stocks mentioned on this board in the index, but you won’t see some you’d expect, and you may see
others you didn’t expect!

You can find Bessemer’s overview of the new index here:…

NASDAQ’s overview:

NASDAQ’s methodology for the index:

NASDAQ csv file with reconstructed history for the index (see NASDAQ’s disclaimer):…

  • Ears

Ears, I’m not seeing the list of companies making up the index. I’ve tried each of the links you included. Is there a different link for those?


I’m not seeing the list of companies making up the index…

You can find them on Bessemer’s site:

Also, once you’re on that page if you click on “Download XLS” you’ll get a
different workbook than the one on the NASDAQ site – has more data on the



Thank you, Ears!