Cloudflare Acquires Vectrix

Cloudflare Acquires Vectrix to Help Businesses Gain Visibility and Control of Their Applications

In addition to reporting earnings, Cloudflare also announced a new acquisition yesterday:…

Highlights from the press release:
“… today announced that it has acquired Vectrix, a company that provides businesses one-click visibility and control across all of their SaaS applications. Vectrix enhances Cloudflare’s existing Zero Trust platform, Cloudflare One, by allowing security teams to scan third-party tools–including Google Workspace, GitHub, and AWS–to detect and mitigate issues such as inappropriate file sharing and user permission misconfigurations.”

“With Vectrix, IT and security teams can perform security scans across their third-party tools to better detect and mitigate issues ranging from unauthorized user access and file exposure to misconfigurations and shadow IT. Integrating Vectrix’s API-driven cloud access security broker (CASB) with Cloudflare One provides enterprises with comprehensive Zero Trust control of both data-at-rest and data-in-transit. Vectrix extends the security of Cloudflare’s network to the data stored in SaaS applications, giving customers a single control plane for the security of their workforce and mission-critical resources.”

A more detailed blog post was also posted yesterday:

In addition, Matthew Prince commented on the acquisition in the earnings call:
“While our bias is toward internal product development, we will make strategic acquisitions when we find teams and products that can complement what we have built. I am excited to announce today that we have acquired Vectrix, a startup that has built the easiest to use, most powerful CASB we have seen. CASBs, cloud access security brokers, are a category of services that give visibility and control over data stored in SaaS applications. They can be powerful tools, but their Achilles’ heel has always been their complex setup. The Vectrix team impressed us with how quickly they could onboard any new customer regardless of size and instantly gives them visibility into all the service providers where the customers’ data was stored. As such, their product is a natural add-on to every current Cloudflare customer. They remind me of Cloudflare and our philosophy since our earliest days. The Vectrix team and technology further rounds out our Zero Trust platform, giving visibility not only for data flowing across the network, but now also data at rest in service providers. We believe it makes Cloudflare Zero Trust a no-brainer, comprehensive security solution for any company and we are thrilled to have the Vectrix team onboard.”

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