Cloudflare Integration with Crypto Services

It appears that Cloudflare (NET) is moving into a new area. I am interested if anyone with more technical knowledge about the subject has thoughts about how significant the following announcements are:

Blockchain startup Unstoppable Domains has integrated with web infrastructure firm Cloudflare to enable direct access .crypto domains within any web browser.

Announced Tuesday [Feb. 16], the new service uses Cloudflare’s Distributed Web Resolver to link to decentralized websites though .crypto addresses, instead of requiring a browser plug-in.

Unstoppable Domains (U.D.) works with a number of apps, including Trust Wallet, Chainlink, OKCoin, and supports over 50 cryptocurrency addresses.

The company states that with a decentralized domain, the owner, not a centralized authority, will control the domain, which will improve security and privacy. More users will be able to benefit from these advantages with the U.D. and Cloudflare integration.

U.D.’s website offers a few brief illustrations about the advantages of their approach over the typical digital wallet transfers. They look appealing, but I don’t have the technical expertise to evaluate how effective their approach is.

The new integration uses DNS over HTTPS, which is considered more secure and private than traditional DNS.…

While searching for more information, I saw a press release from January in which NET stated:

We are proud to announce a new resolver for the Distributed Web, where IPFS content indexed by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) can be accessed.…

So the Unstoppable Domains is not Cloudflare’s first effort in the cryptocurrency field.

I am not that familiar with cryptocurrency or the technology discussed in Cloudflare’s blog, but it seems that if their moves into that field are successful, that would offer significant opportunities to expand their business.

Obviously, security is significant for cryptocurrency, but so is accessibility. By partnering to provide decentralized domains with easy to use names, but still secure, Cloudflare could help accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency, which would increase its business even more.

I’ve talked with several young business people who are investing in cryptocurrency, and I have read that more institutional investors are moving in that direction. I have even read posts that in one of its free/promotional videos TMF had mentioned making a cryptocurrency recommendation in one or more services.

I think that the merits of cryptocurrency investing and how to do it are off-topic for this board, but Cloudflare’s moves to provide security and access for those interested in that sector seem to bode well for the company.

I didn’t see any mention of either announcement in earlier posts about Cloudflare, and I expect it will be several quarters before we see evidence in their quarterly reports to let us know how significant this might be.

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