Cloudflare, programable Info managers and inference engines

Jensen Huang, CEO Nvidia
Every company is going to have between 100 and 1000 AI co-pilots, available to their employees.

Cloudflare CEO, Prince interviewed here: Cloudflare as an AI play. An interview with CEO Matthew Prince. – James Governor's Monkchips](Cloudflare as an AI play. An interview with CEO Matthew Prince. – James Governor's Monkchips)

some inference is going to make sense on devices because of compliance, privacy and performance reasons. For example – in a self-driving car you want automatic braking to be immediate, whereas latency for aggregating road conditions, traffic reports or weather reports to help choose the best route can be usefully served by an edge cloud doing the aggregation from a number of cloud-based services.

…* for human computer interaction, AI companies are building their inference engines on top of Cloudflare, and over the long term it’s going to be interesting to see whether we’re in competition with, or I would predict much more likely in collaboration with, the endpoint manufacturers.*

Cloudflare could potentially be used to manage information, to make sure that corporate secrets were not fed into, and subsequently leaked by, a model like ChatGPT.

Trust, provenance, safety, explainability, intellectual property management, data and information sovereignty – will all be differentiators for AI and ML.

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