Hi all,

CloudFlare produced a zero-trust roadmap website, which gives a really good overview of what’s required, and more importantly the current players in the space.

Cloudflare, Microsoft, Scaler, SentinelOne are all covered, which gives insight into what products do what. Also, more product specific companies like NetSkope, Ping, Okta, Jamf and Akamai are located in their respective areas of excellence.

Hope it helps clarify the space, kudos to CloudFlare for producing it.



In a recent conference CloudFlare CEO, Prince said Zscaler uses Cloudflare for DDOS. In a recent call Zscaler CEO remarked that because of their architecture, individuals and company applications using ZIA and ZPA are not visible from the internet and hence cannot be attacked. So, they don’t need any DDOS even. Prince commented due to the focus on zero trust all companies involved should do well for the next 2 years.

I own both ZS and NET. Has anyone here tried the zero trust solutions of ZS and NET. Are they equivalent?


DDOS attacks are setting records both in volume of attacks and sheer efficiency of how they are done. DDOS defense companies should do well for the foreseeable future.

Have a read
“Tsunami of junk traffic that broke DDoS records delivered by tiniest of botnets”…