Clouds gathering - promising outlook

Just looping results so far together… whether it is Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc it seems as though cloud is killing it…………

This has got to be good news for other cloud players but also the cloud suppliers including:
Micron, Pure, Nutanix, Arista, Applied Optio etc



retailers and the Cloud…

there are good reasons why many retailers haven’t moved data processing to the cloud yet. Many have decades of legacy systems built up, including data processes that may have taken years to architect. It’s been challenging to connect these on-premises systems and processes with new data infrastructure in the public cloud. The cloud is also a different operating environment for enterprises, with new pricing models, security controls and optimization tactics. Often, retailers have piloted the cloud, but found it challenging to put into production. This is changing, with more enterprise services that make the cloud easier to consume.

for most retailers today, the question is not usually “if” leveraging the cloud is a good idea. Now the more common questions are “how” to best leverage the cloud and “which” applications and processes to move first. Migrating analytics, big data processing and data warehousing to the cloud should be at the top of the list for retailers.

most retailers are far from early adapters of anything new. The Cloud makes a great deal of sense to me , maintaining your own data basis is a real PITA. And outside of core competency for most companies.


Oh yeh - meant to add, Intel’s cloud computing went ballistic this quarter…
Intel’s cloud based data center group was up 24%. Someone’s going to need a bigger boat!…

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Is anybody making money at cloud security?

Interesting on Intel and Data Center Group Rev growth

Q1 2017- 6%
Q2 2017- 9%
Q3 2017- 7%
Q4 2017- 20%
Q1 2018- 24%