A new noise around the house is usually not a good thing.

I was sitting outside on a very pleasant afternoon here in Charlotte when I heard a clunk off in the direction of our waterfall. After checking that no breakers had thrown, I contacted our waterfall guy… along with a picture of a few pieces of plastic that had shown up on a couple levels of the falls.

He thinks it’s the pump impeller and that he has the part. I’m not sure what sort of guarantee we have (installed in November) but I would think this is covered. I also forget the pump output capacity, but there is a lot of water flowing… when it works.

Should show up tomorrow and I’ll try to remember asking him about pump details. And watch some of the work. It’ll be a lot of work since we have a pondless waterfall (stones cover a plastic manifold leading to the intake) and a submerged pump.

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My house had a waterfall when i bought it. Pump did not run. Was fouled with weeds. I finally removed pump and converted it to a planter by filling with garden soil.

Anything floating in your water can damage your impeller. Some tougher than others. Using a screen to keep debris out of pump can be a good idea. But must be kept clean when pump runs.

Waterfall looks good but may be high maintenance. Not worth the trouble?

Clunks and Clanks are not good sounds… If you can manage, take photos of the innards, and maybe the assembly, might be useful in the future…

The impeller may well be a standard replacement part. Perhaps you should keep several in stock.

Some pump designs may be more tolerant than others. Perhaps look for recommendations or experience of other users.

For some pumps running dry can let impeller overheat and be damaged that way. Keeping it well supplied with water for cooling can be important.

And pump must be sized correctly for the pipe sizes and elevation to be pumped. (Chemical engineers are the experts.) Too much pump causes cavitation. Energy is lost as steam.

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