"Coffee Badging" at the office

… 30 years ago when I was still working we called it “seeding the area”. (I’ve provided a “free link” to the article.)

{{ “It’s highly likely that you’re headed for a mediocre career,” warns Keith Styrcula, founder and chief executive of Glasstower Digital, a financial technology firm in Greenwich, Conn. “Face time and playing the political games are sometimes as important as merit. That’s just the way American corporate culture works.}}

Yep. The “face time” got me thinking about early retirement around age 25. I then used my engineering skills to fashion a blissfully short 17-year career and got out by age 38.



My first engineering job out of school was at a big firm, in a section of 10 or so engineers. We had the typical hours of the time in the UK, 8 hours Monday - Thursday, 5 hours Friday.

I was doing a part-time masters, went to school Wednesdays and made up half the time on Friday afternoons. It was amusing to see the division director walk through the office every Friday afternoon to see who was working unpaid overtime. He’d always so hello to me and give me a pat on the back. I guess he never knew I didn’t work Wednesdays lol!


Yep. Used to work for a Fortune 500 company the posted open positions so anyone could apply for them. Right. Oddly, the 3 promotions I got were proceeded by a phone call from someone in the division telling me about a new position that was posted and the phrase “you should consider posting for it.”

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So many co-workers never figured out how ‘political’ the workplace was, is today, it hindered their advancements, in ways they never knew… Big picture views matter…

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I like going into my office. Of course there are only 4 other people here. Three are on the first floor, one has an office in the basement. I have an office on the 4th floor. Of the 5, only 2 work most of the day here.

It is my quiet time, if I had to work out of my truck (most of my time) or from my house all the time I would probably look for an office job.