Collapsing Treasury Market

It’s going to get worse!

War is the health of the state
(Randolph Bourne)

When all else fails they take you to war
(Gerald Celente)

U.S. President Joe Biden wants Congress to provide $106 billion in supplemental funding, with the bulk of the money going to bolster Ukraine’s defenses and the remainder split among Israel, Indo-Pacific and border enforcement.

Biden is betting that including money for Israel and immigration will help convince House Republicans wary of sending additional money to Ukraine to support the measure.

Anyone know a good prepper site :slight_smile:

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We can always sell the National parks to Disney. Or maybe California will be willing to buy its independence. California IPO anyone?


US 10 year Treasuries yield just gone over 5%.

The loses that banks are now holding must be massive. On the books they mark them to maturity so things don’t look so bad.