Companies that reported negative interest taxs

Some of us read Barry Ritholtz regularly, but I thought posting this on companies that report this type of tax expenses.

For me, this goes a little along with ethical stock ownership…like not investing in a company that is charges 5000 times the cost of making something just because its legal and they can, especially when someones life is on the line. Maybe this isn’t as dramatic, but still it rubs me the wrong way.…



What is “negative interest tax expense”? Does that just mean they got huge deductions or even credits? Is it because they built a big expensive plant and employed a bunch of new people? If so, I think that is pretty ethical. Is it that the US Congress is corrupt and created stupid special loopholes and they take advantage of those? If so, isn’t that what you want your company to do? If not, would you not deduct charitable contributions. Maybe it is unethical to have other taxpayers subsidized your charitable contributions to an organization they find offensive.

Or, maybe I am too lazy to google “negative interest tax expense” and it is really bad :wink:

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