competition to Ubnt

This is called P-Cell and is competition for UBNT.



Andy, That’s interesting but I don’t know how to evaluate it. Would you mind if I posted it on the UBNT board to see what people think about it?


Not at all Saul, I am not a member of RB or I would. Please feel free to use anything I post on your board in whatever way you want to.

My take on this Saul is this. They are essentially doing exactly what UBNT is doing but they are using the cell sites for their back haul. Where Ubnt’s customers are using Ethernet hopefully over fiber for their back haul. Also this uses a technology that is used over cellular which is called DIDO. ( I believe this is how they are doing it but they didn’t explain it very well in the video) This allows every customer to get the same speed because they run a link to a server and then by using software they are able to put out the same speed for each customer. While UBNT could use a similar technology called LAG which allows essentially the Same thing. The only difference is that the WAP’s (wireless access points) that ubnt uses only allows 54 mbps so they don’t allow unlimited throughput. This will hurt ubnt , if it takes off, in the large population centers but I still think UBNT will have plenty of room to grow. It takes a lot more money to put up cell sites than it does for UBNT customers to put up an Airmax.

Long Ubnt