Compounding in Reverse

I’m only 1.4% away from hitting “Whoa!”

 **Gain to** 
**Loss	Recover	Response**
0%	0.00%	Whee
10%	11.11%	No biggie
20%	25.00%	Um…
30%	42.86%	Huh?
40%	66.67%	Wait a minute
50%	100.00%	Don't tell spouse
60%	150.00%	Whoa!
70%	233.33%	Oh, Crap
80%	400.00%	Seriously?
90%	900.00%	Call 911
100%	-------	Easy come, …

WHOA! (So sue me; That’s close enough!)


I wish I was at “Whoa!”, I’m into “Oh, Crap”. Although I’ve already uttered “easy come, easy go”.

Of course that’s from a high that was undoubtedly overextended. I should probably just forget that number as I won’t be seeing it again for years (if ever).

I get more pessimistic the further my ports fall. :unamused:


I find it only hurts if you look at it. Those that have their folding money on the table are learning a painful lesson. If you can afford to look away (long enough) all will be well eventually. The high growth companies that most of us invest in are doing well, the market will figure it out. When, who knows???


"If you can afford to look away (long enough) all will be well eventually."

Hold your head up, it´s only money!

I’m getting close to the ‘don’t tell spouse.’ But I also pulled ~60% out of the high growth stuff last summer. Getting closer to the ‘work optional’ part of life so it seemed timely given the fantastic run of the last few years and the ATH. Which, agreed, I may never see again.

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