Congrats to Bear's Blue Crown

I noticed a blue crown as one of my badges but didn’t know what is was. Turns out it is for Top Recommended fools. Given all the smart people out there, I am a bit embarrassed to be on the list at all, at least I am near the bottom. But that I am there at all is 100% thanks to this wonderful community which accounts for all but my top post, and for this community I am truly tankful.

But the kudos go to PaulWBryant, the Bear, who is #2 on the list. So Congrats!!!

Who is number 1? Hmmm, who could it be? It’s like this board owns the Fool and Saul is the King, so congrats to Saul as his posts are truly enlightening, educational and valuable.

Scan down the list and you will find a lot of names you know from this board, which goes to show once again how valuable this board is to us.


The people from this board deserve the praise. However, many of those on the list contribute nothing to advance investing thought, rather they espouse leftist political thought. In addition they seem to have a cult of recommending each other. Sorry for the off topic.

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The easiest way to get recognition is to recognize others…:):slight_smile:

Well deserved!