Control Panel: Higher rates, overextended markets

That’s funny that is exactly what I have been saying about you.




I know I know

Your lunch is not making it up to the tower.

It would be nice if you even knew what lunch was or how to make it. Might make these boards more interesting.

:rofl: :rofl:



Why make finance interesting?

Instead, we can open another Tesla thread. Because you can not have enough EV threads.

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I buy all my CDs and most of my treasury bills in my brokerage account. Takes literally 30-90 seconds a week to do all my rollovers. No phone calls, no paperwork, just a few clicks. I could also automate some of the rollovers*, but I prefer doing them manually because I periodically change the amounts (for example, if I purchased a stock that week, I may decide to rollover a bit less into the next set of treasury bills, or if the cash level in the account appears to be growing, I may choose to put a bit more into treasury bills.) As far as CDs go, I do all those manually because I only buy them opportunistically. For example I saw one at 5.55% a few days ago and snagged it. It’s not available anymore.

* I used to use treasury direct for my T-bill purchases, and had automatic rollovers scheduled out for years. But last year after a failed login, they CANCELLED all my rollovers and never notified me. Boy was I pi$$ed at them after 6+ months of earning zero interest! Now I mostly use my brokerage account for T-bills instead.