COUP news

“Coupa Software shares are trading lower after Workday announced it will acquire Scout RFP for $540 million in cash. Morgan Stanley said the acquisition of Scout RFP likely creates negative headlines for Coupa due to competition.”

Shouldn’t affect short-term business but worth watching for those that hold Coupa.


IMO this area are already oligopoly, others two big guys are Ariba and IBM, Their customer base definitely not less than Workday. So that’s only Workday do something to extend their TAM. But long term effects not very clear. Like you said, not affect short term even mid term.


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after checking Gartner Magic Quadrant(2016~2019) never saw the name Scout RFP on relative area.
BTW Workday Venture own Scout RFP shares, so I think Workday just want to show their aggressive on what they told to analysis on their investors day.