Covid new cases

While looking at the Biobot wastewater site I noticed that they also graph the average number of new cases.

Mid-July  New cases
  2023       3K
  2022     111K
  2021      42K
  2020      66K



Probably means they are no checking water nearly as much.

Where are you getting this data? From their site: Data on Covid-19 and Mpox Wastewater Monitoring | Biobot Analytics

Also, what is “Mid-July,” what is that time period? In looking at the data, rates are much higher this July vs July 2020 or July 2021.


I have a friend who used to be a nurse (still has license), which means he gets hit up for contract work from time to time. Offers are starting to pour in once again for nurses, mostly due to a new COVID surge. Some locations are $4,000 per week plus stipend for lodging and food.


From the Biobot Analytics site. Run your cursor over their graph. For a given date, say July 14 2023, it will show the number of new cases, a running average of new cases and the wastewater level (copies/ml).

Not for their average cases graph. Maybe you’re looking at wastewater levels.

We’re discussing cases not water levels.


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I meant not testing as much.

I think people are testing but not going to a doctor/hospital so it doesn’t get reported.



I thought we were talking waste water. I am talking how many cities are testing the waste water now.

No, the Biobot graph show both the level of the virus in the water and the clinical case count. They write “The level of virus in wastewater is a leading indicator, meaning it precedes the change in clinical case counts or hospitalizations.”

They get the case data from here. The graphs appear to be the same.


Case numbers are a joke due to massive reductions in official testing. The wastewater viral load shows the real story, and it has almost tripled since June 21st.


For most people Covid is less than a common cold.

Except for those who end up with Long COVID. Then there are also the increases in diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, etc. in those who have been infected, especially those who have been infected multiple times.

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We all end up with some long covid. You’d need numbers for those claims. The numbers may be very small. The studies show all long covid symptoms disappear a year later.

You cant go by the thinking behind delta.

What should we expect from the coronavirus this fall?

Cases are on the rise in the United States, but severe cases are lower than previous years

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It is a cold bug virus. Not much more than that. Some people do not recoup well from a cold bug.

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No it’s not. SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus…which is a whole family of viruses, some of which are responsible for the common cold.

Most definitely not “a cold bug virus”


The common cold is not a corona virus.

Corona viruses are another group of cold bugs. Only a few are much worse to us.

No it is not. Please stop repeating this.


Well, I think this game of Whack-A-Mole is set to go on for a bit longer :wink:. Anyway, in the meantime, here’s but one potted history of coronaviruses…

Coronaviruses - PMC.

That applies to Delta and prior variants. Yes all of that is true.

I am talking it seems in two threads about after Omicron takes over the scene. The people infected with Omicron symptoms generally are gone within a year. It is a cold bug at that point that is not so bad. Lingers for some yes.

I have to repeat it. The false information about current infections is all over the place here.

Delta and prior went into the lungs differently. Omicron and now the virus does not go into the lungs the same way at all. The difference in outcomes is huge.

None of us today are going to get infected by Delta.